Author(s) Title
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Xiangmin Yang, Liu Yang, Arnab Majumdar and Washington Ochieng Inferring pedestrian decision-making through inverse reinforcement learning
Peng Lu, Dianhan Chen and Pengfei Lv Crowd Evacuation Dynamics under Shooting Attacks in Multi-story Buildings
Fabian Lorig, Michael Belfrage and Emil Johansson Teaching Agent-based Modeling for Simulating Social Systems – A Research-based Learning Approach
Fjalar de Haan and Jason Thompson GENSIMO — A Generic Framework for Modelling Social Insurance Systems
Gayani Senanayake and Minh Kieu Inverse Generative Approach for Identifying Agent-Based Models from Stochastic Primitives
Hyesop Shin, Eric Silverman, Alison Heppenstall, Nick Malleson, Mario Ilic, Sonali Abeysinghe and Tabea Sonnenschein Are Low Emission Zones Impactful for Air Quality and Human Health?